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What the heck is CSST?

Article by Paul Duffau – Former Chairman of the State Advisory Board Inspecting in Eastern Washington. Owner of Safe@Home Inspections I get this question a lot, usually from someone angry that I said their CSST was not bonded properly. Electricians especially get annoyed with me, so let me take a bit of time and explain […]

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Yard Drainage: How to Identify and Solve

Original Article by Redfin Whether it is a miniature mansion or a humble cottage in the woods, your home is probably your biggest investment. Chances are the roof over your head is the biggest single purchase you will ever make, and protecting it is in your best interest. You already know how important it is […]

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A Home Inspection Checklist

This article originally appeared on OpenListings. A home inspection is a professional, third-party inspection of a property that you intend to buy. During an inspection, the professional will evaluate the home from a structural and safety standpoint, as well as to ensure you’re buying a hazard-free, up-to-code property that’s a good investment of your dollars. […]

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Voltage Drop

by Zach Brown. Voltage drop is something that I commonly find when doing home inspections, and it isn’t always easy to understand. Is it dangerous? Will it affect my electrical equipment I have plugged in? Why didn’t my last home inspector test for voltage drop? I usually go over these sorts of questions during or after my […]

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