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Owned and operated by Zach Cross, Tabor Northwest Home Inspections was formed after over 15 years of working residential and commercial construction in Portland, Oregon.

Born and raised in a remote Alaskan town on the Yukon, Zach learned that in small communities, trust is earned. Hard work is a way of life in Alaska, and those lessons while growing up have translated well to the construction industry.

Tabor Northwest Home Inspections is located near Mt. Tabor in Southeast Portland. Before founding Tabor Northwest, Zach worked for two well-respected construction companies with responsibilities that included excavating, utilities install, utilities repair, landscape alteration, demolition, framing, general plumbing, finish carpentry, concrete foundations and flatwork, tile, siding, and just about everything else. He built custom homes, and managed several small and large scale residential and commercial projects.

The experience and service we provide is only a part of it, though. We also want our focus to be on people, building lasting relationships, and helping you through whatever new stage of life you are starting. Honesty, integrity, and communication is where we start.

We know whether you are buying, selling, remodeling, or simply maintaining a home– things can be stressful. We want to try and make the experience as painless as possible, and a big part of that is being available and informative throughout the process.

Ultimately, we love what we do, and that makes it easy to bring a positive atmosphere along with us. We are so appreciative of the community in Portland and surrounding area. Sometimes a neighborhood in Oregon can feel as close-knit as a small town in the middle of Alaska.

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