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“I have been a realtor in Portland for some time now, and California before, and Zach is a breath a fresh air. I appreciate how well he communicates with my clients, and the amount of time he devotes to them at inspections. He also goes above and beyond what my past inspectors have, and his reports are clear and easy to understand. Thankful that I bumped into Tabor Northwest, Zach is hands down my preferred inspector.”

– Guy Phillips


“Zach was prompt in his responses, took the time to answer several questions for us over the phone before we hired him, and with his construction experience spent extra time at the end of the inspection helping us with ideas for changes we want to make the home better fit our needs. We felt with the items found in the report and the time he spent with us it was well worth the cost. Would highly recommend.”

– John Peterson


“We hired Tabor (Zach) because he was able to inspect for us on a Sunday morning when some other places we called wouldn’t. We were so stressed out that initially I’m sure we came off as very rude, but Zach was very kind and patient, and by the end I felt like we had formed a friendship. He was very knowledgeable, there were parts of the walk though I felt like we were in a class about houses. My husband wanted me to write that he appreciated how much time Zach spent in the attic and crawlspace, that could not have been fun for him. There was quite a bit to absorb in the report, but it was easy to understand, and ultimately didn’t persuade us from buying our house. Thanks again Zach!”

Rebecca Morris


“We almost didn’t hire a home inspector, but at the urging of our agent we called around late one night and Zack was the only person to answer. He explained why he thought it was important, but we were still skeptical since our house was built in 2005. Well, I am glad we did. We ended up with about $3500 in credits, and have been plugging away on our to-do list of things to fix. Very glad we got an inspection, worth every cent.”

– Caroline Summers


“Zach reached out the other day to ask how we were and if we wouldn’t mind sharing our experience with his home inspection. I can’t believe we didn’t think to do that! It was about this time last year and things were crazy. Trying to make a crazy deal on a house during the holidays was extremely stressful, and we were not looking forward to the home inspection. Although some things were uncovered that needed to be addressed, Zach made us feel calm, took a lot of time to explain what it all meant, and ultimately eased our minds on what seemed like a big deal. We’ve been here almost a year now, and have completely fallen in love with our home. My husband and I were very grateful for our experience and have said as much to our friends, and will continue to recommend!”

– Sophia Turner


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