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Sewer Scopes

At Tabor Northwest Home Inspections, we know first hand the importance of getting a sewer inspection before buying a house. Prior to starting Tabor Northwest Home Inspections, Zach worked for an excavation company, first as a laborer, and later as a heavy equipment operator. He’s seen how roots from old trees with extensive root systems can destroy waste piping, and how improper bedding underneath a pipe during installing can lead to future issues. Blockages, pipe separations and general buildup on the inside of sewer pipes can also cause costly sewer problems.

We recommend having a sewer inspection completed, especially if purchasing an older home.

A sewer inspection, also known as a sewer scope, involves sending a camera down the waste piping between a house and the public sewer, and “scoping” it for potential problems. When you purchase a sewer scope, you’ll receive a report on the condition of the sewer line, a general map of its location, and video of the inspection.

You can book a Sewer Scope alongside of a home inspection, and we will organize the appointment with one of our trusted partner companies on or around the time of the home inspection.



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