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Pest & Dry Rot Inspections

A Structural Pest and Dry Rot Inspection is sometimes referred to as a Wood Destroying Organism (W.D.O.) Inspection.  Although a home inspection does include an examination of the crawl space area, Oregon Certified Home Inspectors are not specifically required to report on the presence or absence of pests, such as wood damaging organisms, rodents or insects. Often performed at the same time, although considered to be a separate inspection process by the State of Oregon, the Pest and Dry Rot Inspection is performed in accordance with accepted industry standards and on the basis of visible evidence in readily accessible areas of the home.

There are two general areas of reportable concerns. The first is actual structural damage caused by an infestation of termites, carpenter ants, powder post beetles and/or dry rot. The second includes conditions such as excessive moisture, inadequate ventilation, direct contact between wood and dirt, etc., which can eventually lead to infestation and structural damage.

Tabor Northwest charges $150 for a Structural Pest and Dry Rot Inspection when it is booked with a full home inspection. The report is issued within 24 hours.

Note: After the initial inspection, if repairs are made a Structural Pest and Dry Rot re-inspection can be booked for $75.



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