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Buyer Walk-Through Consultation

Our Walk-Through Consultation is an approximately 30 minute appointment on-site with the potential buyer and buyer’s real estate agent. The purpose of this service is inform the client of any obvious deficiencies that might deter them from making an offer on the home. This is not a home inspection. It is simply a walk-through of the home where we share our observations and concerns based on our experience in the field.
Special care will be given to not upset the home seller, who did not agree to a comprehensive home inspection. No tools will be used (ladders, moisture meters, drills, etc.), and no other areas will be assessed that aren’t readily available to any other person viewing the home.
This service is provided for competitive situations where multiple offers might encourage a potential buyer to forgo a home inspection, in an attempt to make their offer more desirable. While we never recommend skipping a home inspection, walking through the home with an experienced home inspector may give the potential buyer a clear idea if/how they want to proceed.
This is a limited-in-scope consultation. No written report will be delivered. The potential buyer and agent are encouraged to take notes. If an offer to purchase the home is accepted by the seller, we recommend a full home inspection at that time.
Access to the home will need to be arranged by the involved real estate agents, and the seller will need to be notified of a showing. Appointment times are flexible. If you are unable to find a slot that works when booking online, give us a call and we will arrange a more suitable time.

Annual Consultation

Our Annual Consultation service is offered once per year to past clients that purchased a full home inspection. It includes a review of the past home inspection report, and a limited (not exhaustive) visual inspection of environmental changes related to the property since the initial inspection. Also includes an assessment of wear/deterioration related to systems and components. This is a verbal walk-through only, and it is required that the client is present for the appointment.
You can book a consultation online at anytime for $150 – $200.



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