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Preparing For An Inspection

How To Prepare for a Home Inspection

Before anything can get started, there are a few simple things you need to do that are necessary for us to do a comprehensive home inspection.

• Reading and signing our contract before we conduct an inspection is required.
Our contract is written to protect both us and you, our client, by clearly stating what services we provide, the limitations of those services, and how much all of that will cost. We will provide a contract to you when we arrive at the site, and if requested we can email you a digital version in advance so you plenty of time to review it.

• Make sure the utilities are turned on 24 hours in advance of the inspection.
If there is a utility that is turned off we are prohibited from turning it on, which may result in us not being able to test some systems in the house.

• Provide access to the home.
Obviously we require getting inside of the home, and it is important when we are inside that nothing is impeding access to parts of the house being inspected. Please make sure to clear anything in the way of the electrical panel, attic entry, crawlspace entry, water heater, and furnace.

• Arrange for dogs to stay at a friends house or at a kennel.
I grew up with dogs, and I have two of my own (the loves of my life) but they’re often protective of their space. Even a secured dog can be a distraction during a home inspection, and can keep us from being thorough.

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