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Home Inspections

What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is a general, visual examination of the current condition of a home. An inspector will examine the systems of the home including: interior plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling, attic and visible insulation, ventilation, siding, windows, doors, roofs, garages, foundations, and the general condition of other visible parts of the structure. An inspector will then issue a report– in our case within 24 hours– which outlines the findings.

Why should I pay for a home inspection?

Home inspectors represent an impartial third party without an emotional or financial investment in the property. Hiring an inspector will help you get an expert and objective opinion of the true condition of the home. Home inspectors are extensively trained, and operate under state regulations and guidelines to recognize potential problems in a home. Many issues that are found in a home are not obvious, like defective electrical or plumbing. Repairing or replacing those components can end up costing thousands of dollars–much more than the cost of a home inspection. Knowing the condition of the home you are buying is important, and a home inspection is essential part of a practical and well-informed purchase.

Why are there different priced home inspectors?

The price of a home inspection can vary for a number of reasons. You should be wary of home inspectors who offer their services well below market value. While booking an inspection with a cheap inspector might save you money initially, it may cost you in the long run. Our prices reflect what it is worth for us to perform a thorough inspection and assemble a detailed report. Unlike some inspectors who pack two or three inspections into a single day, at Tabor Northwest we only schedule one home inspection per day. That way we never feel rushed, and we can devote as much time as it takes to perform a thorough inspection.

Can a house fail a home inspection?

No, there is no pass or fail. A home inspection is meant to bring attention to defects in the home and its systems. All houses have problems. Knowing what those problems are, how serious they are, and how expensive they might to be fix is important information when buying a home. This information can be used to negotiate a new price and repairs before closing, or to help you determine if want to go through with the purchase.

How long will a home inspection take?

Normally an unoccupied and unfurnished home will take about 3 hours to inspect. A more complex home inspection can take upwards of 5 hours. Some factors that determine complexity are:

  • Age of the home
  • Condition of the home
  • Size of the home
  • Whether there are people living in the home at the time of the inspection
  • Whether the home is empty or furnished
  • Weather conditions

Do I have to be present for the inspection?

It is not a requirement that you are present for the inspection, but it is encouraged that you spend time with the inspector at the end of the inspection to go over the findings. The report will typically be more detailed, but it can be very beneficial to explain things while being on location. We realize this isn’t always possible, and in those cases we encourage taking time for a phone conversation immediately following the inspection.

When is the inspection report issued, and who receives a copy?

An inspection report will be emailed within 24 hours of the inspection. Only the person who hired the inspector and paid for the inspection will receive a copy of the report. That person then owns the report and can share it with whomever they choose. The inspector will not share the report with any third party.

What is NOT included in a home inspection?

The State of Oregon strictly dictates what a home inspector is required to inspect. This list of requirements can be found in the Oregon Home Inspector Standards of Behavior and Standards of Practice (click to download). Features that are not part of the main structure such as septic systems, wells, underground piping, sprinkler systems, and swimming pools are usually not included in a home inspection. Home inspectors will not disturb insulation, move personal items, panels, furniture, equipment, plant life, soil, snow, ice, or debris that obstructs access or visibility, and not walk on steep or wet roofs.

How can I check the credentials of a home inspector?

The Oregon Contractors Board has made it easy to search for home inspectors by either their Oregon Certified Home Inspector number or their Construction Contractors Board number. Both should be displayed on a home inspector’s website, business cards, or other marketing material. It is wise to research your home inspector to make sure they have the proper licensing and insurance, as well as no flags for improper conduct. You can search a number by visiting

Tabor Northwest is an Oregon Certified Home Inspector (OCHI# 1987) a Licensed Contractor and a Certified Home Energy Assessor (CCB# 214738).

Our typical inspection time is 10:00am, but arrangements can be made for other times. Unlike other inspectors, we only schedule one inspection a day. This gives us the opportunity to be thorough without feeling rushed to get to the next inspection. It also allots us time in the evening to prepare an accurate report, which we typically have emailed out that night, or first thing the next morning. In this market, we know that deadlines are important. Getting the report to you as soon as possible is one of our goals. We feel it is better for our clients and better for our business in the long run if we have the appropriate time to be as detailed as possible.

Weekend inspections are available.


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© 2019 Tabor Northwest Contracting LLC. All Rights Reserved.